Bad Credit Purchase

Buying a home whether your a first time homebuyer or it's your third home purchase can be a daunting task. There are many pitfalls one should look out for. Education is the key to a successful purchase. We like to ensure that our clients have full knowledge of the entire process every step of the way.

Common Mistakes We See Our Clients Make

  • Not getting pre-approved before looking for a home to buy These are all pitfalls we see people running into constantly. (We ALWAYS recommend getting pre-approved upfront and having a letter to bring with you. This will not only give you peace of mind, but will provide bargaining power for you when you make your offer.)
  • Allowing too many people to pull their credit report (You will hear people tell you that it's okay to pull your credit many times while shopping for a better interest rate. This if FALSE. Your score will drop if pulled too many times in a short period regardless of why it was pulled)
  • Not using the right brokers that have access to programs specialized for people with bad credit or first time homebuyers (Two things will generally happen. You will either be immediately turned away due to credit being too bad or you will be pushed into a high rate interest loan that is probably adjustable and get you into a very bad situation.)
  • Putting too much money down in a good faith deposit and not ensuring it is refundable if your financing falls through (This is negotiable and you or your realtor should try as hard as possible to ensure any funds you put down are completely refundable to you)
    We address all of these issues for you. We provide same day pre-approvals and take any guess work out of financing for you. If there are any issues we will address them upfront and set a plan to address them as quickly as possible. We work with you! We see ourselves as consultants rather than salesmen. This outlook helps to keep us focused on what's important.. YOU! We have vast experience with bad credit problems and we know exactly how to deal with any hurdles your credit may provide. This is why we provide more home purchases than anyone else because we don't turn anyone away. If your having a problem that is prevent you from getting a bad credit mortgage with low rates we will help you deal with it so that we can get you the financing you deserve.
Fixed rate versus adjustable rate mortgage loans.
    One of the most important pitfalls mentioned above is the fact that many banks and mortgage brokers today do not know about the programs specialized for bad credit mortgage buyers or first time homebuyers. It is very dangerous to deal with an uninformed mortgage banker as they can get you into a dangerous 2 year adjustable rate loan with very high rates that can put you at risk for foreclosure. With the risk associated to it, we make sure to help you minimize that exposure and get the right mortgage lender for you, like that of what we offer! You can also find mortgage lenders suhc as Loan Remedy who offers in St George Utah lenders with loan, refinance with poor credit or mortgage. We truly hope that you have found this page and that of the ones we refer in St. George, Utah and take the time to call us or inquire online so that we can ensure you take advantage of our specialized bad credit home loans.
Highlights of our Bad Credit Loans
  • 30 year fixed rates that will never adjust on you
  • No prepayment penalties EVER. refinance or sell whenever you choose with no worries.
  • Very low mortgage insurance coverage.
  • One loan with no high rate 2nd mortgage
  • 100% Financing 95% of the time
  • If not 100% then 98.5% financing is provided. The most any of our clients ever need to put down is 1.5% EVER
  • Low fixed rates between 6%-7.5%. NEVER higher than 7.5%!
  • No need to pay off medical, collections, charge-off's, or other bad debt

Now you can see why we are the premier source for bad credit home loan purchase in the U.S. Our mortgage professionals are prepared to put their years of experience and our access to these bad credit mortgage loans to work for you! Contact US today or APPLY ONLINE for a same day response and let's start working together to help your American dream come true!