Investor Loans

Real estate investors are a special breed of investors. We recognize that our real estate investor clients demand a knowledge of non occupant financing, immediate responsive service, the lowest rates available in the market, and straight answers. We aim to provide this and more to our real estate investors! Whether your a new investor or an experience professional real estate investor, we are your one stop investment financing portal. We have a huge array of programs to offer our investors and we focus on what's important to you, funding your loan quickly and ensuring you get the best product available to you!

Investor Loan Programs

  • 90% STATED INCOME PURCHASE OR R&T REFINANCE. (minimum 680 credit for 90% financing on stated loans. We can accommodate lower credit score to lower LTV's on stated income programs)
  • GET A 30 YEAR FIXED RATE LOAN (low fixed rate investor loans starting at 6%)
  • INTEREST ONLY LOANS (for a rate of approximately .125% higher we can offer you an interest only payment to keep your debt service manageable)
  • NO DOC LOANS (No Doc Loans are still available to our investors with good credit standings)
  • REHAB LOANS (purchase or refinance based on the after repair appraised value)
  • HARD MONEY LOANS (purchase or refinance based on the appraised value rather than the purchase price)
  • NO SEASONING CASH OUT LOANS (no title seasoning requirements to use new appraised value)
  • OPTION ARM/ PICK A PAY LOANS (traditional 1% MTA or LIBOR options arms as well as 3.5% start rate hybrid option arms)
   As you can see there are many ways to finance your next real estate purchase. It's important that you deal with mortgage professionals that are experts in real estate investment loans however. You do not want to get stuck with a bad loan with a high interest rate and paying points to greedy mortgage brokers and lenders. We build our philosophy on repeat business. We are able to offer the lowest rates and fee's to our investors because we believe in the customer for life approach. Building strong relationships and providing outstanding service has led to many successful business relationship with our real estate investment clients nationwide.
    We stress in most cases the best option for our clients is a 30 year fixed loan that carries the lowest interest rate possible. If you have a credit score above 680 obviously you have the widest selection of loan programs available to you. If however your score is below a 600 you need to ensure that you have access to programs such as our specialized bad credit investor loans that carry reasonable interest rates. We don't believe that bad credit should stand in the way of our clients attaining affordable rates!
Our Niche Investor Programs
    Now you can see why we are the premier source for real estate investor loans in the U.S. Our mortgage professionals are prepared to put their years of experience and our access to these bad credit cash out mortgage loans to work for you! Contact US today or APPLY ONLINE for a same day response and let's start working together to help your American dream come true!